Defining Faith

In the last few months of my life I’ve had a lot of people tell me I need to have more faith. Or that I need to pray more and just trust Heavenly Father more. Mmm…and it’s just not that easy. I have been praying, and reading scriptures, going to church, and listening to talks. It’s so easy to forget what faith really is when life is hard. Whenever anyone has said to pray with faith, the thoughts that comes to my mind is, “but, I have been”, “What makes you think I haven’t?”, and “okay, I pray, and then … Continue reading Defining Faith

24 Things I Learned This Year Because It’s A Wonderful Life

Earlier this week while at work I was printing stuff and I came across a job to print newspaper props for a local community theater. Once I paid attention I realized they were doing the play It’s A Wonderful Life. The year is coming to an end and this movie was a reminder to reflect and think about my blessings, growth, and how significant I really am. Because I turned 24 this year, here are 24 things I learned because it really is a Wonderful Life. 1. I am loved. It doesn’t always feel like it. It doesn’t always look … Continue reading 24 Things I Learned This Year Because It’s A Wonderful Life

December and Updates

Hi friends or to anyone who is reading this. Here’s the rundown of what has happened in my life since I last posted over the summer and things I can think of. I’ll do more detailed posts and specific topics/thoughts/events in my life in separate posts soon. I got a raise at work at the end of the summer and that was nice. I visited my grandma labor day weekend and got a speeding ticket. First time I ever got a ticket. I think the cop was just bored and needed numbers.In September I got accepted into the Beehive Bazaar … Continue reading December and Updates