I am a Mormon (LDS)

So this last week I had stopped at home for a brief moment and ran into the LDS missionaries who had actually stopped at my apartment. And we talked a bit. And it was good. Out of the whole encounter the thing I remember most is the missionaries asking if I was an active church member. I was seriously appalled. No one has asked if I was an active church member ever as far as I can remember. Unless they were apart of the bishopric and had to ask because of standard church proceedings but really, I don’t think I’ve ever been asked. 

Most people who know me knows I’m LDS (you do now if you didn’t before). Most of my non religious friends and non-LDS friends don’t care that I’m LDS. My religion doesn’t change the way they feel or treat me. And I’m grateful for that. Also, the people I spend the most time with and talk to the most know I am absolutely an active church member. I actually really like going to church. There’s been very few times where I haven’t wanted to or didn’t go to church. 

There really is a rejuvenating aspect of church that I really love. It’s a time where I get to be around others to learn more, teach, and discuss doctrines, our beliefs, practices, and ideas. It’s a place where we can be strengthened and pushed further to seek out our own personal revelation and understanding of the Lord. 

When I was asked if I was an active church member I wouldn’t say I was offended I just thought it was silly cause I had just met them and I know for myself that though there’s been moments I could be a better disciple, it doesn’t mean I’m falling g off the deep end. I absolutely love church and going because of all of the things I just mentioned and because I love God and Jesus. 


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