Oh It’s Been A While so Here’s a Brief Update for Now. Stay  Tuned.

guys. it’s been a long time since i’ve written anything but here’s a run down on the things that has happened in my life since April (i think that was the last time i wrote). i will probably write more specific posts about things that has happened since then too.
in the last 2 months, i had been working on a number of personal projects, custom orders from people i know. i had also been making and printing like crazy because one of my best friends and i did our first craft fair thing. we made a [small] profit…so i would say it was successful. that was really our goal. to break even and make a little bit of a profit. 
over the last 2 months i had also been in a weird funk. i was doing things and had many little joyful moments but something was always missing. and i can honestly say i still don’t know what was missing. but, hey, i always tried to find the little joys. 
i learned that this guy i have known for about 2 years had been in love with me. that was drama and a bunch of craziness in itself. i’ll have to write about that and relationship stuff with people and my personal love life.
this stage of life is weird. so many changes. few constants exist. being okay with uncertainty isn’t something i’ll ever be okay with. I got a new job. oh i turned 24 years old on May 22. and approaching then i realize and started to feel that i was getting older. i’m starting to see how you never reeeeeally feel older until you reflect a bit. 
oh i moved. i’m going to miss salt lake and sugarhouse tons. the area is pretty great. but i moved 40 ish minutes south of salt lake where it’s closer to my new job and closer to logan.
oh yeah…and logan. no we’re still not engaged. honestly, i’m doing my part and loving where we are at and always trying to love where we are at. i’m working on being patient until he’s in a place where we move towards marriage. i love him. he’s my best match and my best friend. i’ll share more things about stuff in our relationship. everything from events and things in our relationship, things that we’ve discovered together, to new understandings about life and relationships in general.
i decorated my new room. i think i like it.
so here you go friends. stay tuned and wait for more posts. i’m so sorry for not being more consistent with blogging.


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