Update on my small business. 

So I love geometric patterns, shapes in general, paper goods and fabric. I love constructing books and I have a Storenvy and an Etsy shop. I’ve been pretty busy lately. I also haven’t been able to put in as much time as I would like to for my shops but I did recently put new things in. 

I’ve been focusing so much on Beehive Bazaar here in Utah in May so it’s been hard, but there’s more to see than before. And more for sale than before. So here is where you come in, I want more people to know about my brand. Go to @kaoleesshop on Instagram to see wonderful things and to KaoLee’s shop or kaolee.storenvy.com to do some shopping. 

*Anyone who buys from my storenvy will automatically get a free leather tassel with every purchase. 

*I have coupons for my Etsy shop. And they’re pretty great deals. 2 customers will be randomly chosen and receive a leather tassel key chain. 


4 thoughts on “Update on my small business. 

  1. I love that you share coupon codes on your blog for your Etsy shop.
    You have beautifully written posts on your blog, but one tip might be reminding people what your products are. I just stumbled on your blog and will have to click in and check it out to see your products because I have no idea what you sell but it sounds like your excited so I am excited but I just don’t know what for! What is the bazaar that your getting ready for? Why is it such a big event for you? I will have to stop back by your blog and hopefully find out.
    Stopping by from livingsimplewiththejanegirls.WordPress.com


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