Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you know everything about relationships. 

Man, lately I’ve been hearing more and more people tell me that marriage is a wait worth while (which I understand) but to just enjoy being with each other right now because it happens when it will happen all because I’m waiting for him to propose now. 

Sometimes I am impatient and just waiting for him. But in actuality it’s more than that. I am waiting but, he and I are absolutely great for each other. Who says I’m not enjoying the time we’re together and loving the journey? Why is everyone sooooo focused on how pathetic I am for waiting for him to propose as if I’m a damsel in distress. 

Sometimes people forget that he and I have known each other for over a year and been together for almost a year. We’ve seen each other is all sorts of seasons and over time. We’ve made the efforts to. And it’s just worked out that way. Our relationship is strong and is more than skin deep. Sometimes people who are married think they know sooooooo much about relationships and marriage and some how that translates to them knowing me and every aspect of my relationship and the fate of it. 

My relationship, is my relationship. Just love us and understand that we’re good. We wouldn’t have been friends and dated for a year now if it wasn’t true. We wouldn’t be talking about marriage if it wasn’t something on our minds. Don’t give me advice and act like you know it all unless I ask you. Because frankly no one knows everything. Logan is the man I love and will be marrying. And yeah sometimes I get impatient but it goes further than that. 

I’m in a relationship with a man who was married previously and a situation where it was filled with selfishness and wasn’t healthy for him. I occasionally find myself in situations where I trigger these bad experiences and feelings. Being with someone who is divorced means they’re not quick to jump into marriage again. Even if textually the relationship is good and healthy. Even if there’s true love between the two people it still goes further than that. We as individuals need to be in the place to move forward and to love and be patient as well. 

And yeah easier said than done but trying is trying and progress is progress. 

If people truly love me and this man I’m with, understand that I love him. I am absolutely in love with him. I love all of our rituals and adventures, conversations, and little deeds. By no means is everything perfect but we communicate and try to be better. But, I am waiting and sometimes I could be more patient. And maybe it’s sad and pathetic of me to think this way, but I feel like once he makes the next steps towards us being married it means that he doesn’t question the health of our relationship anymore. He’s not comparing me to his ex-wife anymore. It means that his past is in the past and I get to love and be loved by the man who has become better because of these trials. It means that both he and I will further understand our worth and that we will love better. 

So thanks for the advice but the best things you could do for someone is ask and get to know them for who they are. 


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