To Women

I am so grateful for people who treat others as equals. And especially for women who have been great examples for me. 

Something I’ve always admired and wanted to embody is a great love and respect for others and never think less of them for whatever reason. 

As I’ve gotten older, lived in more places, met more people, and live in a time where people struggle to be kind to one another, I am getting tired of other women tearing other women down. We are all great in our own ways. There will be times where we are misguided, in a fog, having a bad day, and quick to judge and it’s okay but that can’t be everyday. Be kind to one another because we will all struggle. Try and be better. 

It’s been interesting being an adult and recognizing and seeing women tear women down. I am often treated as I’m naive, or somehow less. Somehow, I am less because I am 23, didn’t serve a mission, am not married, don’t have kids, don’t work at a fancy company with a salaried position that I can’t express the little knowledge and experience I do have. Being a good person is different for everyone. It also takes practice. We shouldn’t make someone feel bad or tear them down for trying. It is possible to do this in a manner where we’re helpful but not ostracizing. 

I have been fortunate to have great women in my life. I’ve had women who are my peers, married, older than me, career women, and mothers that are great examples. I’ve had these people build me up and acknowledge my struggles. They have been great people who never made me feel like the knowledge and experience I had was invalid. These wonderful women are loved by so many because of the pureness and love they have for others wherever these people are in life or situations or their circumstances. These women have inspired me to emobody this mindset and love more and more. 

I think it’s women like this that we need more of. I think these are qualities we need more people to embody. So, to the women who are great examples and friends to me, thank you. And to every women, let’s love and respect more. 


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