I crafted and did this DIY

I feel like it’s been a while since I made anything….anything I actually liked. And it came out successful and cute. 

I had some embroidery hoops that I wasn’t using, so of course I looked at Pinterest. I saw a bunch of modern dream catchers, and minimalistic wreaths, type of things and it was super cute. A lot of the stuff was under wedding decor, which I had been looking at a lot lately anyways and figured I could do this.

So here they are. Well, one completed and one en route. 

I’ve been kinda gathering and creating things for my wedding and what better way than to create things that I can decorate my current home with until my wedding, and possibly my future home too. 

So I had later embroidery hoops laying around and random scraps of trims, fabric, faux foliage and sick from other crafts I decided why not. 

I cut some plain white cotton leftover fabric I had onto strips and tied them to the outer hoop and then on the inner hoop o strapped on, tied, and glued flowers and leaves and styrofoam buds on. It’s so cute. It was a great way to make things out of stuff I was going to donate or throw out. So even better. 


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