Body Love

Time and time again I’ve heard and had people comment about my body from both men and women. At different times of the day and different times of the year. And yeah my body has changed and I should actually workout and be more consistent as of recently, but I am healthy and I actually do love my body. 

Being healthy and loving your body is so important. So much more important than being any specific size or weight. 

According to some people, it doesn’t matter. I’ve had comments such as, “you’re smaller than I thought you were,” usually because it’s after seeing a picture or two of me that wasn’t the most flattering. There were comments like, “you should try to stay the same size”, “you’ll look better if you do this…”, and more. 

Over the last 6 months I’ve been about 140-146 lbs and ever since 18 years old (when I finally got boobs and curves) I actually haven’t changed dramatically in size but to just out things into perspective I’m a bout 5’4.5″ and currently weigh 144lbs. I’ve been wearing everything between a size 4-10 for pants and dress sizes but usually a 6 or 8. I also have clothes between a S-XL, but usually a medium. I wear a 34C bra the fits best but also have a couple of 36B that fit well. And I usually wear a M, M/L, L for bralettes and sports bras. 

This photo was taken about a 6-7 weeks ago. 

This is from thanksgiving weekend. 

And this is one of the photos from last week when logan and I did our Christmas photos. 

And here are photos of my measurements  that I took this morning at 7:30am before eating or drinking anything. 

Bust measures 36 inch. 

Waist measures 29.75 inches

And for my hips, 38.5 inches. 

I wanted to share these because I want to show people that bodies change. I wanted to show people that photos are deceiving. I sometimes look fat or chubby. But, based on my measurements I’m pretty average and healthy. I wanted to show that in the last half year or more I’ve been wearing the same sized clothes and my body has changed a bit. My weight has stayed pretty much the same and my body shape has changed a bit too. Love, what you have because that’s what you can do. Loving yourself can change your whole perspective on your body, your worth, and in turn, love and respect other people’s bodies and worth. 

So here’s to the people who need numbers and photo proof over just loving people for who they are. 


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