Day 15: silhouette

Day 15: silhouette. It’s not the greatest picture and I slacked today but I thought I’d share this one because my silhouette — my body is something I have had to learn to like over and over again. 
Growing up, I was just skin and bones. No curves, no hips, boobs, fat. I had a hard time gaining weight. I had a hard time finding clothes. I had a hard time with self confidence. I was even given the name “stick-lee” …until one day my body changed. I had to relearn to like what I have. I had to find clothes to fit my body and feel good in them. 

And again my body changed. I’m in my twenties and my body is a bit more curvy and trying to adjust to everything. My body weight will change anywhere from 4-8 pounds throughout the day. The way my body looks will change throughout the day. And it’s constantly a battle. 

Over and over I’m trying to figure out a happy medium of liking what I have and to keep trying to like myself more. I think something that I’ve found that has helped is really embracing what I do think is attractive about me. 


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