this relationship

***This is a post I never actually posted up but figured I should. I totally forgot about it’s existence. I wrote this about 4 months ago.

This relationship I am in has been one of the best things yet. When I imagined a good and healthy relationship (based off of people I know personally, acquaintances, strangers, movies, tv, council from readings, research, etc.) is what I have. It really is.

I’ve been blessed to have dated many great guys. I’ve also been blessed to have had many great guy friends. Though many relationships didn’t work out they’ve all contributed in this relationship I have with Logan. I absolutely love him. It’s interesting to see how he and I come from pretty different backgrounds and some how we mesh so well. We share so many similarities-religion, standards, ideas, “rituals”, interests, political views, ways we want to raise children, random pondering on life, and much much more. It’s also interesting because Logan was married previously. I’ve been in many relationships and a few serious relationships. It’s amazing to me how we’ve taken different paths to meet each other. We’ve learned so many of the same lesson and learned to be the person we are through different experiences. Things that sucked at the time, but things that I don’t think I would’ve changed. It just wouldn’t be the same.

Logan and I haven’t know each other very long. We met in a bit of an unconventional way. But, it’s worked. It was a matter of time for us to actually cross paths. Many think it’s crazy for us to even think about marriage after only knowing each other for 4-5 (it’s now actually been 9-10 months) months. But we do know we’re going to be married. It’s not the time yet for it but, it’s happening. Just like with any big decision and life, there is a time and a place for everything. Though we know we are the best fit for each other and will be getting married, it hasn’t felt right to rush into it. We do think that it is important we continuously work towards an official engagement and prepare and learn more of each other’s character, life, habits, finances, health, mental and emotional well being, and goals. There is so much love and commitment between us that we want it to be right. Right, in ourselves, in our relationship, and in our relationship with the Lord.


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