Own your dreams. 

There’s been a few things I’ve been thinking about and I’m going to break it up into different posts. The one I decided to do today is, “Don’t half ass a dream.”

For all of your big dreams, own it. Do it. Have a passion or interest that you care about? Do the work to get there. 
The beautiful thing about finding something you’re kinda good at, and have an interest in, will motivate you to be successful. This thing will keep you interested time and time again. It will challenge you but never prevent you from stopping. It’ll actually motivate you to be even better. And how amazing is that? 

Maybe successful people are successful because they do what they know best. And maybe they tend to be a little crazy because they have to. It’s something that they have to live and breathe. It’s something that needs to be perfected. It’s something that you can be mentored in and learned but it’s something that is mostly what you make of it. You go through school but in the end—once you’re done, no one is there to push you or motivate you, but yourself. 

But really, pursue your dreams and don’t half ass it. Dreaming big means taking the steps of improving your work, techniques, habits, networking, and what ever steps you may have to get to your big dream. 


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