Supporting Artists need to be more than just Words of encouragement 

I love it when people tell me they like my art,like or comment my posts, I love the emotional support, but now…the problem I have is, where does that support translate into buying my art, or funding my projects? 
Its funny how people enjoy art, but few really buy art. I loved the days where people bought art to decorate and look at. I loved the days when people had more tangible things instead of just screens. It’s sad to me. I always try to buy art from friends and acquaintances of mine. I try to go to concerts and shows that they’re in. Emotional support is great, don’t get me wrong, but don’t just tell me that you think I’ll go far in life and be successful in all of the things I desire and put time into. When does this support translate to buying my art? When does it become a constant or consistent following of my art and productions. When does this support become helping me promote my art?

I’m making art to make a living and fulfill my dreams and desires. My art is my work. Don’t get me wrong, I love the emotional support but many have lost the support of the arts. 


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