Thoughts on LDS dating culture

Yeahhhh this is weird. The problem I have with this thing and a lot of LDS dating culture is that guys are expected to always be the one to ask a girl out on a date and always pay. I mean it’s nice, but does anyone ever really consider how hard and nerve racking it is to put yourself out there to possibly be rejected? Yeah and then to add the expectation of having to be the one who asks, that’s great 😐
And to tell guys that they have to always pay is kinda stressful for them too especially if they don’t have a job or don’t make a lot of money. Or what if there’s already been 5+ dates and bunches of hangout and group stuff, is the guy still expected to pay? I personally don’t think so. I have a job and have money to spend. I think i can pay for a date occasionally. There’s a possibility that one day my husband might be out of work and if I can work and pay for things I should. Expecting and teaching girls and women to expect a guy to pay for everything just isn’t that realistic. It’s setting them up to be lax about the worth/work of men, and money in various aspects.
Dating isn’t fun if you are told you have to instead of dating because you want to meet people and actually get to know someone.
How special does that make someone feel if you have 3 other dates lined up in the same weekend? How kind is that if you’ve gone on multiple dates with 2+ guys or girls? And if you can’t decide which one to ditch (cause you can’t have them both)?
Just thoughts I’ve had and wished more people contemplated on.


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