How grateful I am for having dated good guys 

So the other night, I was on a phone call with this guy named Adam. And we ended up talking for 2 hours about lots of stuff about life, our lives, experiences, and lessons we’ve learned.

So back story. Adam is a guy I had a crush on 3 years ago. I met him in my art history lecture. I had the balls to ask him to hangout. And we went on a date once and he taught me how to ride a skateboard…ish. And then he ghosted me. Recently, we started to comment on each other’s facebook posts and started talking a teeny bit more and more.

The other night when we were talking and I was sharing my inadequacies and stuff he told me stuff and actually apologized. He apologized to me for being a jerk and gave me a bit of explanation.

This got me thinking, I am so grateful for having dated good guys. I’ve been REALLY good at choosing guys who like me but aren’t ready to date or can’t commit. And as far as I can think of, all of those guys have apologized for not being able to be what I deserved and for being so patient with them and still caring so much. So many of these apologies have happened since Logan and I went public with our relationship. I was met with so much respect and love by these guys.

I know so many people who have been in not-so-good relationships and leave on bad terms. I can honestly say I’m on good terms with every guy I’ve dated or liked. I want to leave people with a good image of me. I’ve learned that dating is about being with someone who is better than the last, and that’s not to say previous relationships were necessarily bad but this new one is just better.

There’s beauty in good relationships. How grateful I am for having dated good guys.


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