I Realized…

I realized how much I had been losing my heritage bit by bit. I think knowing your roots is so important. Yet, I know this but I struggle with this. One of the things that Logan and I have talked about was that when he and I have kids how we want to keep the language as much as we can (He’s not Hmong, but he speaks it pretty well). I think that being able to speak the language is beautiful but to greater appreciate the language you should get to know the history and culture. This also mean probably living near family or areas where there are Hmong people for us in the future.

Today, I pulled up the video, A Bride’s Farewell on YouTube. I originally pulled it up because I wanted my parents to hear the singer which is a friend’s sister that I know. While watching this video, my dad made the comment about how mom owns sooooo many Hmong clothes and accessories, but no one to wear any of it. Here’s the thing, there really aren’t too many occasions where we can just wear these clothes. Another reason why is because we don’t understand exactly how valuable these clothes are not only literally and traditionally. It’s kind of sad.

I’ve just been held back and been thinking about this a bit today, and I really see how my mother wants us to keep tradition. How she wants us to keep a bit of our heritage with us.


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