It’s Been One Week Since I’ve Been Home

Its been a week since I’ve been home! And its been interesting.

First of all, I love Logan. I am grateful for this man and everything that he is. And for all the times he’s blessed my life and loved me for me.

Secondly I am grateful for sleep and for my family who has let me sleep and recharge.

And lastly my nephew is sooooo adorable. I can’t even handle.

Some of the events that happened…I visited Andrew. I like him, but there isn’t much else. I really loved the friendship he and I developed. Even if it didn’t work out romantically. I’ve collected attributes that i really like in people and learned to love others a bit more.

I got a call from Benjamin. What you have to understand is that Benjamin and I liked each other when we were teenagers. It was actually kinda cute. Then he graduated and I was/am a year younger than him, which meant we lost contact with each other. Summer 2015, I saw his sister and was reminded of him so I requested him on Facebook and we started talking a bit. It was good. It was that kindred spirits kind of feeling. A little later on in time I saw his brother at a YSA activity. Benjamin and I talked a bit more. We skyped for hours a couple of times. It looked like we could potentially get together and hangout, well that didn’t happen. He ignored me and made up excuses. But, life moves on. anyways, Benjamin called. It was so unexpected, but it was good. He congratulated me on graduating, and for the new job. He also wanted to explain why he had avoided me and wanted to apologize for it. Apparently this had been hanging over his head a bit. It was good to hear from him. Hopefully he doesn’t stay a stranger.

Mom has had bunches for me to do, but it’s not overwhelming. One of the changes I’ve seen in my family, is how everyone has gotten better about helping around the house. The kids actually buy the groceries more than mom does and does just as much cooking as mom does. I kinda like it.

Marriage has been a topic of discussion.

Joyce and I got together, had dinner, caught up, and went to an EP release show from a local band here in EC.

It has been a good week. So we’ll see what is to come.



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