I’ve Graduated

So, I just left St. George Utah from one of my closest and loving friend’s wedding. I am so happy for her and her husband. I love them both! I’m also, so grateful for her family. 

Something else that I’ve been thinking about it how blessed I am. I’m also reeally reaaaaaally sad but happy right now. Sydni has been a friend of mine since fall of 2013. Who know that the girl that sat near my in my art history class would become such a good friend and help me get a job in design and silk screening. 

I’ve made some pretty great friends that I love so dearly. They love me, accept me, encourage me, and is always there to be there for me. 

I graduated. It’s been five years. I now have a bachelors in studio art with an emphasis on printmaking and an emphasis in communications. I start a grown up job in WI next week. 

I also realized I’m falling in love with an amazing man that is going to be so far and though I know I will see him on May for my birthday, it pains me. 

But I am blessed. I am grateful. Especially for those who love me. 


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