“You will be known for something”

In one of the discussion I have for my major we talk about the philosophies, theories, ideas, perspectives, and much more about art.

One of the things my professor said in class was, “You will be known for something”. He’s also emphasized a lot about not half-assing work. Art is something we (the class members) love and respect and want others to enjoy. We want to share it with the world. We also want to make some sort of money from it too. As in the words of the professor, “Be a Lady GaGa”. Be out there. Put yourself out there. Find your audience and be you. Make others believe in you as much as you believe in yourself.

I absolutely loved it. There was a chunk of time where I felt like my artwork wasn’t good enough. I felt like I needed to prove to people that I have talents and skills. I also felt exhausted and I had a strange dream where, in it I was constantly defending myself. I realized that in actuality I didn’t believe in myself as much as others I know had believed in me. I had to revise and make changes in the way I viewed myself and shared my artwork. And It made all the difference.


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