The Year 2015 in Review

As it nears the end of the year I start thinking more and more about the year and what I have learned about the world and about myself. This year has been a roller coaster-but hey when is it not a roller coaster ever?

Roughly, these are the things that happened this year.

I started the year in WI and MN super sick. With a ridiculous fever, light headed, chills, strep, cold, stuffy and everything. It sucked. Luckily I had my momma and Eric take care of me and sent me off to get on my flight so I could get back to school in Idaho.

I was sick for a couple of weeks. It sucked.

I’m not quite sure what happened during the semester besides my almost quarter-life crisis on what I was going to be doing and if I would ever have a real grown up job one day. I struggled really hard with depression.

I discovered and realized how prideful I once was and still am about certain things. I also discovered and learned to appreciate my parents, culture, and heritage more.

I ended up back in Minneapolis, MN for the summer. Had a great internship and interesting jobs and friendships at work.

I met some absolutely wonderful men. Didn’t realize they would be some of the loveliest people ever. And people who would help shape me and what I look for. Also men who gives me hope for other men and humanity. They also humbled me.

I dyed my hair
I took 3 classes online on top of a job and internship. It was a stupid decision. It was stressful.

I made new friends/acquaintances. They were all architecture people. Great people!

Beach bumming. Music. Dancing.

I had lots of car problems. Stranded on the side of the interstate between traveling from EC to Minneapolis because I got a flat and couldn’t loosen the lug nuts. I also found a bolt in my tire at some point.

Food poisoning.

First parking ticket because I was 5-10 minutes late to the parking meter.

Locked my car keys in my car on Fourth of July. Luckily I had great friends to help me 😊

Played ping pong and didn’t do too bad.

Played lots of cornhole/bean bags over the summer.

First time pulled over because I forgot to turn my headlights on. Only got a verbal warning.

Brewery tour…I did it sober and still had tons of fun.

Lots and lots of terrible pain to find out I needed to get my appendix taken out.

Helped my parents with farmer’s market. My mom told me to my face that I would be better for business cause I have a pretty face. Lol.

I started the school year fairly strong. I realized quickly I got some of the best roommates who loved me for me and would be there to help build me up as well as each other when ever any of us struggled.

I got to spend time in Provo with friends and be reminded about being a strong woman.

I learned more book making skills. Got more serious about designing and creating art.

I started to see a boy that was hugging and kissing another girl and didn’t seem to think it was important to tell me before finding out on Facebook.

I cut three inches of hair out on a whim. It was one change that I could control.

working out to get a yummy body and get my anger and stress out.

I  spent times with some wonderful friends who helped me remember who I am. I met other men.

I struggled with getting inspiration to complete my portfolio for expressive drawing and it turned out better than expected.

I stressed out over final projects, final tests, packing, moving apartments, work, cleaning, and getting down to Provo to be apart of one of my closest friend’s wedding.

Right now I’m sitting in bed at my Step Aunt and Uncle’s house. They’re a family that isn’t exactly family but is. I also get to see my maternal grandmother and oh do I love her so much.

It’s actually pretty interesting seeing all of the changes and hearing the stories and reminiscing with others who shared these moments with me. Though I didn’t do much detail or share much publicly I am grateful for so much. 2015 you have been rough to me but I know that 2016 will have just as much if not more to take away.

What advice I would give to myself a year ago? Eat healthier, get those vitamins, get sleep, be forgiving and don’t be so short tempered. Even in those times where you’re mad, lonely, nervous keep your head up. there’s a purpose in all things.

In no particular order, here are pictures from this year.


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