I Realized How I Need to Learn Math

So this is going to sound ridiculous.

And maybe it is but I was talking to a friend and thinking about how I wish I had other strengths and that I would’ve pushed myself harder. Sometimes I really do wish I would’ve spent more time to understand math. Sometimes I wish I would’ve done a different major or could do a different major.

My friend Tom is an electrical engineer and we talked about how math is abstract. And I guess I have never really understood that. I realized that a lot of how math is taught isn’t physical. It’s through speaking and in the head. Though written out is okay it’s still hard for me to wrap my head around it.

As I was procrastinating on my finals and projects by watching random videos on the internet. This Encoding Strategies video made me think more about thinking and remembering things, and this is where this post snowballed from.

I learn in an interactive, tangible, self- relating way. I’ve also learned that when I am studying and memorizing artwork and other things I need to create mnemonic devices. The things I’m studying, I often need to be able relate to.

So how this relates to math, I think I’ve been trying to learn and do math in a way that isn’t working for me. I need to learn math in a more tangible way, similarly to how I learn everything else. I think I was always able to retain information more in geometry, fractions, and science because the math was more applicable and I could physically see changes or make the changes and see how math plays into it.

Now I need to discipline myself and actually do this. I need to find a way that I can make math more visual and hands on for me to be able to really learn and understand.


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