Doing Something for the First Time

I was bumming on the internet and I came across this video that I had seen a while back. It’s stinkin adorable so be warned.

While watching this, it made me think of a variety of things. It made me think about how cute the little girl is. It made me want to be a mom someday and to have little moments like this with my future kids. It also made me think about how she just experienced rain for the first time and would potentially remember it for forever. I can’t really remember the last time I tried something completely new. Besides listening to new music of some sorts.

Seeing this little girl’s moment motivates me to experience something new and really make the efforts to do this. But, maybe it doesn’t even have to be something absolutely new to me right off the bat. Maybe it can be doing something that I just haven’t done in a very long time. I love those familiar feels. You know, those good ones that bring this kind of happiness and purity or genuineness that feels like it almost couldn’t be replicated.


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